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  • Released: 2019
  • Publisher: Garphill Games
  • Designers: Kristin and Tim Devine (Dice Up Games)
  • Illustrator: Mihajlo Dimitrievski
  • 1 GM + 1-5 Players
  • Ages 10+

After raiding and exploring the North Sea with the acclaimed board game series, the time has come to journey deeper into the world as a Viking warrior in The North Sea Epilogues roleplaying game. Create heroes and set out to battle enemies, uncover mysteries and gain reputation. The possibilities are endless and the North Sea is waiting. So ready the longboats and prepare to forge an exciting and epic saga!

The North Sea Epilogues is a collaborative storytelling game for 1 Game Master (GM) and up to 5 players (recommended). The GM is the narrator of the story. They set scenes, introduce challenges, interpret dice rolls, act as non-player characters (NPCs) and describe how scenes change. The players are the heroes in the story. They must work together to creatively overcome the challenges introduced by the GM and help breathe life into the story.


  • Narrative focus with less dice rolling and more story building
  • Simple, easily to follow rule set and intuitive hero sheets
  • The GM never has to roll any dice
  • Games have a natural flow with no need to constantly reference rulebooks
  • Players are encouraged to inject their own elements into the story, making for a more collaborative story telling experience

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorDice Up Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagsd20, Indie, Story Rich, vikings


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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