Dice Up Games

Find your next Color My Quest companion!
The Adorable Pocket-Size Storytelling Game - Digital Edition!
The All-Ages Fantasy Color & Cut RPG
One-page, sitcom RPG where you play to find out what all the critics will be talking about!
Coloring pages featuring the art of Color My Quest
A Lasers & Feelings tribute hack for fans of medieval courtly romance and rock and roll!
A Lasers & Feelings hack for fans of Monty Python & the Holy Grail!
A Lasers & Feelings hack for fans of Goonies, Stranger Things, E.T. and of the unrelenting spirit of young geeks!
A free-form game about piecing together the mysterious life of a person who helped shape yours.
Role Playing
A 1 page RPG of slips and slides!
A 1 page RPG of nuts & squeaks!